Jazz Choir


Show Choir and Jazz Choir (alternate by year)

Show and Jazz choir are extra-curricular, after school activity, for which 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are eligible to audition if they are in a performance-based music class.

Jazz choir focuses on a cappella music with challenging/complex harmonies and textures. Music can range from classical all the way through current/popular music and will also include vocal percussion and changing voice parts. Show choir focuses on pop/show music and fun dancing/choreography.

“Costuming” for jazz choir is all dress blacks with an accent color that each group will choose. Show choir wears matching dresses and shirts/ties which vary by year.

Both groups perform at the Merrill concerts and in and around the community. They are a great opportunity for students who love to perform to express themselves in a unique way!

Contact Courtney Copic with any questions.

Vocal Music 6th - 8th/General Music 7th & 8th

Courtney Copic