Student Health

Emergency Forms

It is mandatory that your student’s school/s have current emergency contact information of parents or guardians (and family members or friends designated by parents/guardians) on file for each student. Emergency contacts may also include the names and phone numbers of your student’s medical and dental professionals, hospitals, and other medical facilities and list any medical conditions he or she may have. Students will only be allowed to be picked up or leave the school with the emergency contacts designated by their parent/guardian. You will be able to update your student’s emergency contacts and health/medical conditions during the online registration process. If you need to change or update emergency contact information during the school year, please call Mrs. Grace in the attendance office at 515-242-8358 or Mrs. McCann in the main office at 515-242-8448.  If you need to change or update your student’s medical conditions during the school year, please call the main office at 515-242-8448 and ask to be transferred to the school nurse, Kelli Luft.


Physicals for 6th Graders, New Students, and Athletic Participation

The Des Moines Public School Health Services Department encourages children to have periodic physical examinations. These examinations are required when attending preschool programs and requested for all students entering kindergarten, grades 3, 6, and 9 as well as any student new to Des Moines Public Schools.

Students participating in school sponsored athletics MUST have a current athletic physical in order to participate. Athletic physicals are good for 13 months from the time of the exam. Completed physical exams and other medical documents are kept on file at Merrill in the school nurse’s office.

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6th Grade Dental Screenings

Dental screenings are required by law for all 6th graders transferring into school from outside of Iowa.


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Diet Modification Form 2022:Diet Modification Form 2022

Special Health Needs for Your Child

If your child needs special health care during the school day, please visit with the school nurse. It is our desire to be ready to help your child be successful in school. Planning together will help us to achieve this success.

School Nurse:  Kelli Luft