Transportation (Busing)


6th through 8th grade students will be assigned a bus if they live two miles or more from Merrill or when safety factors* are an issue. Open-enrolled students are NOT eligible for busing. Des Moines Public Schools does not accept a fee for transportation if a student does not qualify for busing. Merrill discipline policies apply to all students while riding the bus. Violations could result in temporary or permanent removal from the bus. If you have questions concerning transportation, contact Merrill Office Manager, Jane Schumann at 515-242-8448 or email at

Central Campus & Athletic Shuttle Buses

7th and 8th graders who attend Central Campus for part of the school day will be bused to Central and back again to Merrill. An athletic shuttle bus will be available to transport students who participate in sports when practices, games, or meets are held at other Des Moines Public Schools or to the sponsoring school outside of the district. If your student misses the bus to Central or the athletic shuttle bus, it is his or her responsibility to contact a parent or guardian to get a ride to Central Campus or the athletic activity.


Bicycle racks are at the west end of the building. Locks and chains are advised to secure bikes. Merrill is not responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles.

*Safety factors are determined by the DMPS Transportation Department