Late Bus

The Late (Activity) Bus is available only for students who are staying after school for athletic practices, student activities or clubs, school dances, or with a teacher. If your student is not involved in sports or an after school activity, he/she should ride their regular bus home or be picked up after school by 3:45 (2:30 on Wednesdays). The late bus will be in the bus turn around (west side of the building) leaving at 5:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays and at 3:55 on Wednesdays.

 Late Bus drop off locations and approximate drop off times are:

Drop Off Location M, T, TH, F Wednesday
 SW 62nd St. & Tonka Ave.  5:27 PM 4:08 PM
 SW 62nd & Creston Ave. 5:32 PM 4:13 PM
 Cowles School 5:39 PM 4:20 Pm
5000 Franklin Ave (Library) 5:44 PM 4:25 PM
 Perkins School 5:48 PM 4:29 PM
 21st St. & Forest Ave. 5:56 PM 4:37 PM
 King School 5:57 PM 4:36 PM