Merrill Athletic Philosophy:

Merrill athletes learn how to discipline themselves and how to identify and realize group goals. We develop the ability to think as individuals and as members of a group. The athletes at Merrill build self-confidence, a sense of sportsmanship, respect for others, and the desire and effort to succeed. Our student athletes believe that participating in an athletic program is a privilege that carries with it a tremendous responsibility, as it helps students learn to respect our school, the team, the Merrill community, and our fellow athletes. By learning different situations, we can understand this philosophy and can achieve these worthwhile goals.

For more information on each athletic program, click on the sport to your right.

If you completed the athletic section in online registration, you DO NOT need to fill out the separate Athletic Registration Form nor do you need to fill it out for each sport. If you did not register for athletics in the online registration process, please click HERE!

  • When completing annual online registration for school, check “Yes” in the Student Section when asked if your student will be participating in athletics.
  • Only the sports eligible for each grade level will populate to enable you to check & register!
  • Check the sport or sports in which your student wishes to participate!
  • Answer all the required questions!
  • Each sport has a $15.00 participation fee which can be paid right along with school fees.

Please Note: Students must have a current physical (less than 13 months) on file with the school nurse in order to participate in athletics and before practices begin!

**It is encouraged to sign up for athletics in the OLR process even if your student is not sure he/she wants to participate. This way all required forms are completed so your student is ready for the first practice. You may wait to pay the sport fee prior to the start of practice to avoid having to request a refund in the event your student ends up not participating.

Click HERE to pay sports fees, if you prefer to wait until the sport starts.

Middle-High Athletic Physical Form

Merrill Code of Conduct

For more information about Merrill Athletics, please contact Martin Luft, Merrill Athletics/Activities Director!


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